2021 Fees

Our daily fee is:

2 Longer Days program – $42.50 per day (for eligible aged children) and 5 Day Fortnight program – $34 per day (for eligible aged children) along with various levies to help maintain the Kindergartens high standard.

Fees are payable per term. 2021 Statement of Fees outlines our Kindy Fees and Levies. PLEASE NOTE: Fees and levies are set by the Committee and are subject to change each year.

2021_07_01 – Statement of Fees

QKFS Plus Kindy Support

QKFS have extended Kindy support to provide more families with the opportunity to access low or no cost Kindy. To be eligible for QKFS Plus Kindy Support a family must either:

* hold a current Health Care Card, Veterans Affairs Card or Australian Government Pension Concession Card with automatic Health Care Card entitlements; or

* identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (or have a child who does); or

* have three or more children, of the same age, enrolled in the same year.

For more information regarding QKFS Plus Kindy Support, please go to the DETE website – QKFS Plus Kindy Support.



All families will be charged this annual $40 levy (per child) in the first term.  This levy covers the cost of your child’s Portfolio, Kindy Sheet and Storypark access.

Building Fund Levy

All families will be charged this annual $50 levy (per child) in first term. This levy is allocated to the Kindergarten’s endorsed building fund to be used exclusively for repairs and maintenance of the Kindy buildings.

Maintenance Levy

$50.00 per term (Committee Members are exempt from paying this Levy). This is to cover the cost of hiring a Groundsman/Handyman to ensure our grounds and facilities are well maintained at all times.