The Bayview Heights Community Kindergarten aims to provide a safe, nurturing, educational environment that reflects the developmental needs of the children and responds to the changing needs of the community it serves.

Our Kindergarten is owned and operated by an association consisting of the parents or guardians of every child attending the Kindergarten, known as The Bayview Heights Community Kindergarten Association Incorporated. The Management Committee is made up of volunteer parents and community members who meet monthly to discuss issues and make decisions relating to the Kindergarten. All parents are encouraged to become involved.

Bayview Heights Community Kindergarten is licensed under the Child Care Act 2003 as a Community Kindergarten and is affiliated with the Crèche and Kindergarten Association of Queensland (C&K). To be affiliated with C&K, the Kindergarten needs to comply with, and continually update, standards in teacher training, equipment, programming, safety and facilities. We also comply with a range of policies that have been developed by C&K to reflect “best practice” in early childhood education. In accordance with the Child Care Act, there are to be a minimum of two adults present at all times, with one being a qualified teacher.

C&K was established in 1907. It is an umbrella organisation which has some centres of its own, and a large number of affiliated kindergartens (currently around 400), making it the largest, as well as the leading, non-government early childhood education provider in Queensland.

In 2018 the Kindergarten was reviewed by the National Quality Framework Assessment and received an overall Exceeding  the National Quality Standards.

BHCK – Philosophy Statement

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