​​​​Play is encouraged and supported at our kindergarten as an essential and natural mode of learning for young children. It is through play that children make sense of their world, display their knowledge of it and find their place in it.

Staff facilitate, extend and enrich children’s play by adding new materials, ideas, asking open-ended questions, offering praise and encouragement for effort and actively listening and answering the children’s questions. These strategies stimulate, challenge and extend children’s abilities.

Building positive attitudes towards learning and fostering self-esteem are fundamental goals of our Kindergarten program.

The program aims to provide an appropriate balance of teacher initiated and child initiated activities focused on interests, enjoyment and free choice. Children are engaged in painting, pasting, puzzles, block building, dressing up, story reading, sand and water play, climbing, running and other activities.

Daily routines and transition times offer a sense of security and predictability and are designed to extend learning experiences, develop social skills and promote independence. Other valuable learning experiences embedded in our daily program include music, language, movement, games, science and special interest areas.