At Bayview Heights Community Kindergarten we place great emphasis on creating a warm and caring environment incorporating an atmosphere of respect to allow the child’s first educational experience outside the home to be positive and fulfilling.

Our program is based on recognition and understanding of the developmental needs of 3½ and 4½ year old children and the interests and abilities of individual children. Play is encouraged and supported at our Kindergarten as an essential and natural mode of learning for young children. It is through PLAY that children make sense of their world, display their knowledge of it and find their place in it.

Our program aims to provide an appropriate balance of teacher initiated and child initiated activities focused on interests, enjoyment and free choice. You will see the children engaged in painting, pasting, puzzles, block building, dressing up, story reading, sand and water play, climbing, running and other outdoor activities.

Daily routines and transition times offer a sense of security and predictability and are designed to extend learning experiences, develop social skills and promote independence. Other valuable learning experiences embedded in our daily program include music, language, movement, games, science and special interest areas.

We are committed to embedding the principles of equity, social justice, diversity, inclusion and well being, and strive to create positive and culturally safe environments for all children and families.  This is achieved through building collaborative relationships with children, families, community and external agencies/professionals.  Children are recognised and respected as powerful learners, thinkers, theorises and active citizens, regardless of inclusion support needs.

Our Kindergarten has gone through an assessment process in 2016 with Nature Play QLD and has been approved as a “Nature Play Education Provider”. We view children’s play in nature as critical to their healthy development and are pleased to be associated with Nature Play QLD who also hold this philosophy.